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Re-Gear Benefits

Do you have gear you are not using? 

We know life is busy and finding the time and patience to market your pre-owned riding apparel to potential buyers can be difficult, but turning your unwanted items into CASH can be easy!

Gather up your items and bring them to RE-GEAR, we will handle the rest. You will simply get a call letting you know that your item(s) have sold and you can come pick up your money.

We will give your items a quick cleaning, place them in our store and on-line where a large audience will see the value in buying your pre-owned items.

Thought of selling your items private? Consider the fact we have the ability to sell to a larger portion of the population because of the high volume of Power Sports enthusiasts that visit our store on a daily basis.

Let’s face it we live in a society where we “ buy it now and worry about paying for it later” which means that we capture more potential buyers because they can pay for your pre-owned items using a credit card, an option you do not have if you market your items Private.

Many times someone will come to our store with something specific in mind but end up buying something entirely different because they saw it here. This means if your gear is not here and being seen by potential buyers, you lessen the opportunity of selling it.

The bottom line is that if you have gear taking up space in your home, bring it to us so we can convert it to cash for you that you can spend on something else such as paying an unexpected bill or “go buy yourself something pretty” with it.

Are you looking to save money on buying gear? 

If you are looking to buy new gear why not buy "new to you" gear? It makes sense for many reasons.

Perhaps you are new to riding? and not sure if "it really is for you" RE-GEAR offers you an economical option of buying the protective apparel that you require at a fraction of what it would cost you new.

Many riders scrape together the funds to upgrade their ride but their current red jacket does not match their new blue bike and we can’t have that! At RE-GEAR we may have the jacket that will match your new bike at a price that is affordable and we can sell the jacket you do not have a need for. In many cases Customer’s have upgraded for little or no long term out of pocket expense.

Tight for cash? Many of us are in this economy so we go and buy new gear at a much higher cost so we can have the convenience of paying with our credit card. At RE-GEAR you can pay with your credit card and reap the price benefits of buying pre-owned.